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David Gutierrez Arvidsson moves to the USA

Goteborg Aug 2014. It has been known för a while that David Gutierrez Arvidsson leaves Utsikten and Sweden for USA this Autumn. "Guti" played his last game for our club against Trollhättan this past Monday. At the end of this week, he will be moving to New York.


After the farewell match against Trollhättan (2-0), there were many - among them Assistent Captain Niklas Olsson - that demanded a "proffessional leave dinner" and sure enough delivered our left wing Gutierrez Arvidsson after his last training with the team by invitating cake to everyone.

It was a great atmosphere and joyful shouts when " Guti " thanked his team mates for these past months and it was visible that he was a very appreciated team mate that moves to USA to start his College studies at Long Island University in New York.

The kvick left winger joined Utsikten from IFK Göteborg just before the serie started and won his place as starter. This 19-years old made his debut in a training match against Lindome in March and has kept playing in every single match in the competition since then.  

The victory last Monday at Edsborg was his 15th match for the seasong in both Div1 South and Swedish Cup. He could not score during this time but had an passing assist to Luka Mijlajevic for a goal at the 3-0 victory against Norrby last June.

We wish every success to David from Utsikten and we hope to see him back in our club colours in the near future!

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