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David Gutierrez Arvidsson179.jpg

Videoclip: 2018 Seton Hall University -

     Div 1 Big East Conference

2017 Assyriska vs Umea.jpg

Videoclip: 2017 Assyriska FF -

     Div 1 Norra Sweden

Videoclip: 2016 LIU Post Pioneers -

            ALL AMERICAN

Videoclip: 2014 Pre-season Div1 Södra Sweden

Videoclip: 2013 IFK Goteborg U-21

Videoclip: 2013 Pre-season IFK Goteborg U-21

Videoclip: 2014 LIU Post Pioneers -

     East Region Championship

Videoclip: 2014 Div1 Södra Sweden

Videoclip: 2013 IFK Goteborg U-19 Championship Final

Videoclip: 2012 IFK Goteborg U-19

Videoclip: 2013 Regards to Aztec Ambassadors (in Spanish)

Videoclip: 2013 Radio interview ESPN Sports Mexico (in Spanish)

Videoclip: 2013 "And Gud created the Angels" (in Swedish)

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